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Eden Carlson drowning and recovery with HBOT treatments

Eden Carlson drowning & recovers from anoxic brain injury with HBOT

Published on YouTube May 4, 2016


On Feb 29, 2016 Eden drowned in a swimming pool. She technically died for nearly 2 hours. Miracle after miracle has brought her back to us. Her "near drowning" caused damage to some of her deep gray matter and left her with an anoxic brain injury. This is part of her story. This part takes us up to the point where she starts her hyperbaric treatments with Dr. Harch. Brace yourself for miracles.



As you may know this story was covered all over the USA!  Here are some of the links to those:


Eden Carlson dancing before her drowning accident.
Eden Carlson receiving Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy treatments.
Eden Carlson smiling after a few Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy treatments.