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HBOT SPECT Scan-Dive-Scan in Developmentally Disabled

Case Presentation – Developmentally Disabled (formerly known as Mental Retardation) 

·      44 year old male. Developmentally Disabled from likely combination of delivery-induced trauma and TBI at 2 weeks old.

·      Unable to read or spell more than a few words. No abstract reasoning ability.  Difficulty understanding concepts, i.e., food will spoil if left out.

·      Seizures bi-weekly with constant tremors; on medication.

o  Worked 2 days/week at Goodwill doing menial tasks.

  • 1st scan: SPECT baseline shows reduction in blood flow to frontal lobe (extensive frontal lobe damage).
  • 2nd scan: SPECT after only one HBOT treatment. Evaluation to test effectiveness of HBOT for further treatments

·      40 HBOT treatments.

  • 3rd scan: SPECT shows a marked increase in blood flow in the frontal lobe, manifest by closure of fissures.

·      Work attendance from 2 days to 4 days per week.

·      Seizure rate fell to 1 per month on medication. Noticeable reduction in motor tremors.

·      Presently learning to read at a Kindergarten level.

·      Able to understand abstract concepts better, i.e., that food spoils.

·      Able to do more complex work tasks. Increased rational behavior.