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NOT ALL Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Facilities are the Same! PATIENTS SEEKING Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) BEWARE!




With increasing regularity hyperbaric facilities, their staff, and physicians have been marketing and announcing their services with statements to patients claiming training by Dr. Harch, consulting services with Dr. Harch, use of "Harch Protocols" only, business and collaborative relationships with Dr. Harch, etc. All of these claims are FRAUDULENT. All contractual relationships with Dr. Harch will be listed here on HBOT.COM website only and/or links provided to the contractors from our website.


Any representation of a business relationship with Dr. Harch not mentioned on this website is a misrepresentation and attempt to defraud the patient. We would request your reporting this to us since patients have been harmed by individuals practicing medicine without a license. Clinics are luring patients for hyperbaric oxygen therapy without proper training or knowledge claiming safety and effectiveness based on a relationship with Dr. Harch.

These clinics are claiming detailed knowledge of the practice of hyperbaric medicine, in particular, the neurological application of HBOT based on a professional or personal relationship with Dr Harch. Please do not hesitate to call us for clarification. Dr Harch's private office (504) 309-4948 or (504) 304-5877