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Traumatic Brain Injury Care For Our Wounded Soldiers - Dr Orrison's Response 12/08



Sirs and Ma'ams-

Many of you had the good fortune of seeing Dr. Orrison's neuro-radiology
presentation on  December 5th at the "HBOT in TBI" Consensus Conference.
Others have seen Dr. Harch's SPECT brain images of patients he has treated
over the past 18 years.  The quote below will be of interest.

At Dr. Orrison's presentation, he showed 3 patients' whole brain CT scans,
from his practice, who had been treated with HBOT 1.5 by three different
physicians.  All patients had major recovery of brain function. 

Here is his quote regarding Dr. Harch's SPECT brain images:

"Dr. Harch's use of SPECT brain imaging to examine the changes in the brain
before and after hyperbaric oxygen therapy is scientifically accurate and
valid.  Multi-detector SPECT imaging is one of the only neuroimaging methods
with sufficient utility to allow this type of longitudinal evaluation.

The improvement in brain perfusion demonstrated by Dr. Harch pre and post
HBOT is impressive and objective evidence of improved cerebral blood flow in
these patients.  This is the same type of change that we have recently
demonstrated using the new method of whole brain CT.  In addition, the
clinical observations and neuro-psych testing done by numerous physicians at
different locations further verifies Dr. Harch's results and correlates with
the objective findings observed on the SPECT images." -William W Orrison Jr,

Thank you.