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Post Concussion Syndrome from Youth Lacrosse Treated with HBOT

Read the full story about Nate Geller covered by
WWLTV “Concussion from contact sport has young boy suffering 18 months later


Subject: RE: Concussion May 17th Dr Harch at BIALA

From: "Eileen Geller"
Date: May 18, 2012 11:10:27 AM CDT


Hi! I'm Eileen Geller from Seattle. I'd love to chat with you any time about Nate's experience with a concussion.  He was 10 when it occurred, is 12 now, and much, much, much (90%) better after hyperbaric treatment.

Award Winning U.S. Army veteran filmmaker Salcedo

Hyperbaric Miracles Oxygen Under Pressure

Telly Award winning film tells testimony of wounded Veterans who got their lives back.


Long Beach CA, May 2017:

 “There is a process and a treatment to help our soldiers, our Marines, and our Navy when they have PTSD, when they have TBI and it’s called Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment.” – Walter B. Jones, U.S. Congress

Why is the best treatment for the signature wound of combat [Traumatic Brain Injury] a big secret?

HHI Receives a 40-inch hard-shell Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

The Harch Hyperbaric Institute, a 501c3 public charity devoted to funding research and treatment of patients with HBOT, received a donation for a 40 inch hardshell chamber from an anonymous source.

  • We want to publicly thank the source for their generosity.  The chamber will be used to further the mission of the Institute. 

Indiana Pushes HBOT as a Standard of Care for Wounded Soldiers

Healing technology for Hoosier veterans

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy offers hope for treating brain injuries from combat, car crashes

Retired Army General leads the fight for HBOT for veterans in Indiana

James L. Bauerle - a retired Army Brigadier General, Vice President and Legislative Chairman for the Military/Veterans Coalition of Indiana.

The Journal Gazette, Indiana, Opinion Columns, December 25, 2016 1:01 AM




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