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HBOT in Near Drowning

HBOT and Near-Drowning - Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Near-drowning is a form of global ischemia/hypoxia that is similar to cardiac arrest and has equivalent devastating consequences. Unfortunately, the data for HBOT in this setting is scant, but was included by Drs. Harch and Neubauer in some of the studies mentioned in Chapter 18 of the K.K. Jain Textbook, 1999 (4). The earliest cases of HBOT in chronic near-drowning were treated and presented by Drs. Harch and Neubauer in the early 1990's. Dr. Harch has now treated a steadily increasing number of these chronic severe patients with modest results. While the patients show improvements in awareness and a reduction in seizures their progress is slower than nearly every other chronic neuropathology treated with HBOT.