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Giving people back their lives!


US Soldier Seeks HBOT therapy for TBI and PTSD


Originally, I was told that I would receive Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy treatments pro-bono because I'm a Veteran. I was overjoyed knowing that I could finally get my life back, but due to loss of funding and insurances not covering HBOT treatments for neurological injuries, I am force to ask for your help. You can imagine how hard this is for me as my condition has caused not only physical pain, but so much more. Thank you in advance.

Doc, I Want My Brain Back: My HBOT Miracle

Medical Advances in Brain Injury Repair Were Discovered Twenty-Two Years Ago

Doc I Want My Brain Back


(2013) Portales, New Mexico

The story of Dan Greathouse chronicles his recovery from traumatic brain injury through Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy as a way to make a path for our brave returning service personnel and veterans suffering from TBI and Post Traumatic Stress.  Dan has pledged 22% of all book sales to help finance this successful treatment method for them. Now available from Amazon.com (Click the Image). Read the story of family love, perseverance, dedication of Dan, and the genius of Dr. Paul Harch.  Purchase Doc, I Want My Brain Back today to learn more and help stop the 22 veteran suicides occurring every day.

A Brave Marine Walking Point for HBOT in PTSD


It is our goal to get GySgt Rotenberry to New Orleans for 8 weeks of treatment with the one Doctor who has proven technology to help our Veterans recover from the brain damage that they sustain while fighting for our freedom. Dr. Paul Harch, with Harch Hyperbaric Therapy will provide Gunny with the necessary oxygen treatments to heal his invisible wounds. The brain is the most important part of the body, controlling all parts, our daily functions, emotions, and both conscious/subconscious actions...that is why it is imperative to heal the damaged areas of the brain that keep Gunny from enjoying his time with his family and living a normal life.

LSU, Miles seeking solutions to the concussion problem

August 12, 2013-© 2013 Tiger Rag [Re-Post permission acquired]

University teaming up with New Orleans doctors who believe they have found the answer

University teaming up with New Orleans doctors who believe they have found the answer

LSU is working with doctors in New Orleans who might just hold the key to eliminating both long and short-term concussion effects. If their research treating brain injuries with hyperbaric oxygen therapy proves fruitful, one of the most pressing issues in sports could finally be showing some light at the end of a long, dark tunnel.


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy may revolutionize the way concussions are treated.
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