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Giving people back their lives!


LSU, Miles seeking solutions to the concussion problem

August 12, 2013-© 2013 Tiger Rag [Re-Post permission acquired]

University teaming up with New Orleans doctors who believe they have found the answer

University teaming up with New Orleans doctors who believe they have found the answer

LSU is working with doctors in New Orleans who might just hold the key to eliminating both long and short-term concussion effects. If their research treating brain injuries with hyperbaric oxygen therapy proves fruitful, one of the most pressing issues in sports could finally be showing some light at the end of a long, dark tunnel.


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy may revolutionize the way concussions are treated.
Tiger Rag Assistant Editor

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Has Helped Beat TBI/PTSD, Veteran’s Testimony

For those who suffer with the fog and depression of TBI/PTSD, you should know how tremendously important the effective gains from Hyperbaric Oxygen treatment are.. For the family members of those who suffer with this type of head injury, the smiles and happiness from my wife and kids are testimony enough to know how much this treatment has given me back my life. God Bless!!

Testimonial Treating a Brain Injured Soldier (Tina Hecker)

Testimonial Treating a Brain Injured Soldier (Tim Hecker)

We decided to take a chance, and trust in Dr. Harch and HBOT, and in return--Tim has been given his life back.  There is no greater gift.

Tim was in Iraq and was exposed to multiple IED explosions from Jan 08 through May 08.  During January, one of the explosions threw him into the driver's lap of the vehicle he was riding in.  There was a second significant explosion at the end of March.  The vehicle in front of him was hit with a catastrophic explosion, eventually killing all in the vehicle.  Tim was close enough to this explosion that he felt the concussion waves, saw stars, became disoriented, and lost a large portion of time following the explosion.

Honored Veteran Ouart Receives Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment for TBI/PTSD

Rusty Ouart re-enlisted in the North Dakota National Guard in 2006 after the attacks of 9-11 and was sent for a tour of duty in Iraq, where, in 2008, he was struck by the concussive blast and shrapnel from two, 155mm mortar rounds fired into his camp.  Following a period of recovery, after which he was deemed fit to return to duty, Rusty fell victim to lingering, and previously unforeseen, effects of his injuries – vertigo, short-term memory loss, debilitating headaches, and constant fatigue.  Rusty returned to the United States, retired and was honorably discharged from military duty.

Rusty immediately began an intensive rehabilitation campaign.  He credits his recovery to Dr. Paul G. Harch's hyperbaric oxygen medicine practice in New Orleans. Rusty is working with Congress to get the Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs to cover hyperbaric treatments for veterans returning from battle with traumatic brain injury (TBI). As a result of his advocacy, Rusty has become a nationally recognized advocate for all Wounded Warriors and particularly those service members who have suffered from TBI.  Rusty has helped Congressional members craft and support legislation affecting Veterans’ rights.

Rusty never sought reward or recognition for his efforts.  His belief in the greatness of military service members, current and past, compels him to work on their behalf.

Last February, almost four years after being wounded by those mortar blasts, Rusty Ouart received the Purple Heart in a meaningful ceremony in Fargo, ND. That award brought closure to an event, but Rusty’s story is far from finished.  He embraces the road ahead and walks the path for all veterans.