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HBOT and Chronic Traumatic Brain Injury - Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Head Injury Case Presentation:

The patient is a 29 year old female who presented a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) five and one half years after gunshot wound to the head that left her with functional quadriplegia, severe spasticity, autonomic disturbance, and mild cognitive impairment. The patient underwent SPECT Scan brain imaging before and after a single and 80 low-pressure Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) dives which showed a significant improvement in the patchy heterogenous pattern and overall brain blood flow that paralleled improvements in speech, motor, autonomic function, and spasticity.

Oxygen Provides New Hope for Brain Injured Soldiers

Getting soldiers back on their feet and fit for duty with an HBOT treatment regimen that is good government. The money that would have gone for more traditional and expensive treatments of veterans suffering from a head injury can now be used to fund other medically urgent injuries and illnesses.

So, what exactly is Hyperbric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)? HBOT treatments are similar to the treatments given to treat victims of “the bends”, the condition divers sometimes suffer. Patients are placed in a chamber filled with 100 percent oxygen at a positive pressure of one-and-a-half-times normal sea level atmospheric pressure, or what you would experience if you were SCUBA diving at a depth of around 16.5 feet. The treatment involves up to 80 one-hour sessions administered in two blocks or phases over 120 days.