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Most of our patients come to us from outside the New Orleans-area. Dr. Harch has treated patients from over forty different countries. It is not unusual for patients to travel great distances to get hyperbaric oxygen with Dr. Harch.

If you are considering coming to Dr. Harch for HBOT treatment, the first step is a telephone interview with Dr. Harch. Maple, Juliette, and Lydia can schedule this interview for you. Prior to the telephone interview, Dr. Harch will review limited patient medical records, typically any available brain scans, discharge summaries, and a summary written by the patient/family. During the telephone interview, Dr. Harch will discuss the patient’s medical history, expectations for HBOT, and confirm that the patient is a good candidate for HBOT at our clinic.

Based on the telephone interview, the patient and their family then decide when they would like to come to New Orleans for an intake assessment with Dr. Harch. This intake appointment is usually 90 minutes to two hours, and involves a full physical exam, as well as various physical and neurological testing.

Once the patient has had an intake assessment with Dr. Harch, they are ready to begin hyperbaric treatment, either the day of the intake, or the following day.

Hyperbaric treatments come in blocks of forty treatments for most chronic injuries and conditions. The patient should expect to be doing hyperbaric treatment in New Orleans for approximately two months.

Towards the end of the treatment, the patient has an exit evaluation with Dr. Harch to discuss their progress with HBOT, and talk about next steps for healing.

Family Physicians Center does not file for insurance, and payment is due at time of service. Patients are welcome to file with their insurance company after the treatment.

HBOT for most neurological indications is not covered by Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurance.

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