Please beware of false claims of association, affiliation with, practice with, consulting, “trained by Dr. Harch,” using “Harch Protocols,” or other misleading statements by healthcare practitioners, clinics, and businesses. Dr. Harch’s private practice is not, and never has been, associated with any other hyperbaric facility or practitioner. “Harch Protocols” are a multi-decade practice strategy, proprietary, and individually customized to be exclusively administered at our clinic in New Orleans under his medical supervision. If you have any questions please contact our friendly staff.

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What is HBOT?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is a medical treatment that enhances the body’s natural healing processes. The combination of increased atmospheric pressure and increased percentage of oxygen in a total body chamber treats a wide variety of medical conditions.
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What are the benefits?

Healing cannot take place without appropriate oxygen levels in the tissue and cells. Many illnesses and injuries fail to heal because of inadequate oxygen levels. Increased oxygen under pressure (HBOT) provides this extra oxygen to tissue and cells with minimal side effects.
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What conditions can it treat?

Potentially HBOT can be used for any condition that involves injury, wounding, loss of blood supply, or inflammation.
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what we do

We provide expert treatment by Dr. Harch for a variety of conditions, such as:

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Neurological Diseases
  • Birth Injuries & Cerebral Palsy
  • Repair & Performance
  • Wellness & Longevity
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More than 34 Years of Experience with
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

2000+ patients
winner of 25+
science awards
75+ research publications

HBOT Success Stories

Here are the stories of our incredible patients.
Eden Carlson

Eden Carlson Drowning and Recovery with Hyperbaric Oxygen

This is the story of Eden Carlson, a 2-year old girl who experienced cardiac arrest after cold water drowning. She technically died for nearly drowning. After hyperbaric treatments with Dr. Harch, Eden regained normal speech and cognition, assisted gait, residual fine motor and temperament deficits.

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Curt Allen jr

Curt Allen, Jr - Traumatic Brain Injury Improvements

Curt Allen, Jr. was a 17 year old man involved in a high speed motor vehicle accident in which he sustained severe traumatic brain injury. After hyperbaric treatments he is now employed, walking and talking again.
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Robert Boytim

Robert Boytim - Near Drowning Incident

3 year-old Robert Boytim was found unresponsive in a pond. After an hour of CPR, EMS got a heartbeat. The road to recovery began. When Robert visited Dr. Harch his spine was curved completely backwards. Two days after his first treatment, his bend was gone.
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