Robert Boytim - Near Drowning Incident

Before narrowly surviving a drowning incident. 3 year-old Robert Boytim was described by his father as having sparkly blue eyes and a slight giggle and a people person who smiles when someone new walks in the room.

On Feb 28, 2018, Robert was found unresponsive in a pond near their home after anywhere from 5-15 minutes of submersion. He was given CPR by his sister, mother and EMS and was then transported to Texas Children’s in The Woodlands where he was in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) for 37 days. His father, William Boytim is an injured diver who had a background with hyperbaric oxygen therapy and knew they needed to get Robert to a hyperbaric chamber as soon as possible.

Here is Robert’s father, William Boytim telling his story to on ABC KSAT  12.
(This video also includes another patient, Connor and his mother, Amy Grady.)

Robert was denied treatment in Houston and around the Conroe area, eventually waiting 37 days before Robert was discharged to travel to us, outside New Orleans – Marrero, Lousiana – to being treatment with Dr Harch. When Robert first came in to visit Dr. Harch, his spine was curved completely backwards, locked into a position where his head was almost touching his rear end. We began treatment almost immediately after the family arrived. After two days of hyperbaric treatments, his muscles relaxed and on the third day his bend was gone and he began laughing, this can be seen in the following video.

The families have purchased their own hyperbaric chamber and will continue treatment under the consultation of Dr. Harch. Here you can see the exit video for Robert, originally he didn’t react at all to the little roller that Dr. Harch used on his arms and legs.

William Boytim said “Robert suffered a hypoxic brain injury; through my own research, I have learned that if you hit the kid or adult hard with these oxygen treatments within a 90-minute to the 6-day window of time, you stop the damage,” Will said. “After the 30-day period, then it is a focused approach to rehabilitation and rebuilding skills.”

“Robert is like a 33 lb. newborn,” Will added. “We’ve come a long way and still have a long way to go. We estimate it will be two years of concentrated work. Learning about hyperbaric oxygen therapy has become a passion for me; I want to share with other parents that near-drowning is not a death sentence – there are options.”

To continue to follow Robert Boytim’s story, please visit their Facebook Page @helprobertboytim

Will Boytim also encourages any parents or others who have questions regarding hyperbaric oxygen therapy to email him at

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