HBOT Testimonials

At Harch HBOT, we measure our success by our patients satisfaction with our services and the quality of care they receive when visiting us for treatment. We find great joy in our patients and their fearlessness to overcome mental and physical challenges, from carbon monoxide poisoning to traumatic brain injury.

It’s always interesting to know how we’re doing in serving our patients. However, what’s most crucial is how our patients lives are following their treatment with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. We hope that the following testimonials will illustrate this impact.

“Bruce is now back to his happy personality and able to engage in conversation with family and friends. He is now independent to go shopping, preparing food and working in the garden. For many years he was unable to read a novel or follow the plot line of a movie. He can do both now. At the start of treatment Dr. Harch performed brain testing and ordered SPECT scans. We were able to see the improvement in real time with different pressures of oxygen. With those results he was able to find the right dosage of pressure, oxygen levels and frequency of treatment. The proper dosage made the difference in his rapid improvement. The hyperbaric oxygen therapy has given Bruce back the dignity that the dementia took away from him.”
Bruce, 95 year old dementia patient
Testimonial is from Bruce’s wife, Lisa
Bruce, Dementia, 05/16/2019

“Harleigh was said to be a vegetable, irritable for the rest of her life, on fourteen different medications. She was not supposed to eat by mouth or swallow her secretions without needing constant suctioning, and she was stuck in an abnormal posture, among so many other issues, ALL of which have been reversed by HBOT. Within two months, she changed dramatically, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Today (5/3/2019) she stood up (assisted) for the first time. Her progress blows my mind, because I was told she’d never be the baby I knew again, and every week she proves them wrong. We cannot wait to come back and see Dr. Harch and witness more miracles from HBOT. We love Dr. Harch, and are thankful for him every single day.”
Harleigh’s Mother
Near Drowning Accident, 12/22/2018

“Maxton’s prognosis was a vegetative state, and his severe brain injury was said to be irreparable. Does he look like a vegetative child now? Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment saved him!”
Rosa, Maxton’s Mom
Anoxic Brain Injury, 12/18/2018

“We finished our first round of HBOT on Monday. Tuesday for the first time since the accident she said: “Mom” and I’m still in shock.”
Neda, Zulyanis’s Mom
Zulyani, Near Drowning, 08/01/2018

“Dr. Harch’s HBOT protocol is the best thing ever to help Nick’s progress from TBI. Under his expert consult, Nick continues to improve both physically and cognitively 4 1/2 years post injury, and his speech continues to improve. Thank you, Dr. Harch!❤️”
Traumatic Brain Injury, 08/01/2018

“Our daughter was in a near drowning accident in June of 2018 and started HBOT in August of 2018. By the third week, she went from being up all night to sleeping five to six hours, her eating improved, and she was more calm. Her autonomic storming decreased significantly.”
From Derek, Kyndal’s Father
Kyndal, Near Drowning, 08/01/2018

“There are truly no words to express what Dr. Harch and his team have done for me and my family. In 2010 I was wounded in Afghanistan and since, been plagued by multiple symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury. I spent years looking for relief only to be told by the medical and Veteran community that there was nothing to alleviate what I was experiencing. When I met Dr. Harch, he told me that there was not only hope… there was treatment. In 2018 after only two months of treatment, I could not believe the results. And to this day still, I am completely free of each and every one of my TBI related symptoms. This treatment is the greatest gift anyone could ever receive. HBOT allowed me to start living, rather than just surviving. I am eternally grateful.”
Daniel J. Egbert, Marine Veteran
Traumatic Brain Injury, 12/30/2017

“After Berkeley’s accident, Donnie and I were desperate to get our little girl back. We missed her voice more than anything. We were sent articles about this groundbreaking treatment called hyperbaric oxygen therapy. After only a few sessions, the light came back in our baby girl’s eyes. Dr. Harch was the most hands on, positive, compassionate doctor we had dealt with. The passion he has for oxygen therapy made us so excited. We knew we were in good hands. We continue to use HBOT and Berk continues to move mountains in her recovery.”
From Shelley, Berkeley’s mom
Berkeley, Near Drowning, 12/30/2017

When Conor was four months old we left home for two months to try Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy with Dr. Harch. For the first time in Conor’s life we were given hope.
We noticed a positive change in Conor’s leg muscle tone after the FIRST treatment. Over the course of treatments Conor started to smile more, track objects and people, make eye contact, cooing and continued to improve his muscle tone. His head circumference finally had growth.
From Conor’s Mom
Conor, HIE (hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy) at birth, 12/14/2017

“I want to thank Dr. Paul Harch and his team for helping my sister with her recovery. She has improved tremendously since her treatments in New Orleans. Daisy is now living independently, has more confidence and is doing things she wasn’t doing prior to her hyperbaric oxygen treatments. We are thankful for her progress, especially her 3 boys. They feel that their mom is back and she can now do more fun things with them.”
Erica, Daisy’s Sister
Anoxic Brain Injury, 01/10/2019

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