Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Making Kids Happyby ABC KSAT 12

On ABC KSAT 12 two of our patients parents told the stories of their children and the effect that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy has had on them.

William Boytim said his son Robert was a happy, active kid, full of life. But that all changed when he fell into a pond in his yard and nearly drowned.  Robert was taken to a hospital where he was resuscitated, but the prognosis was gloomy. “We were sent home with a child we were told would never open his eyes, never speak, never react,” said William.

Amy Grady had already signed the paperwork to donate her son Connor’s organs after he suffered neurologic injuries at birth and was given a grim prognosis. She shared that, “There was no other options for us. We went home with a baby who was going to die.”

Both families were preparing for the worst outcome, but then they found Doctor Paul Harch who specializes in hyperbaric oxygen therapy, or HBOT, which uses pure oxygen to promote healing. Paul G. Harch, MD, LSU School of Medicine, said, “The injury process usually involves reduction in blood flow and oxygen.”

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