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“Paul G. Harch, M.D. is a medical maverick in the tradition of Dr. Ignaz Semmelweiss. Both had the resolute beliefs, confidence, and outcomes that the treatments they endorsed saved lives. Both were doubted, dismissed, and discounted by peers, colleagues, and critics. Semmelweis was later proven and declared a visionary and pioneer for his promotion of ‘hand washing,’ which saved, and continues to save, millions of lives from bacterial diseases. I suspect the expanded use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy will eventually earn its place in medicine’s accepted armamentarium. History has demonstrated the value, role, and contribution of medical mavericks like Dr. Harch and the need for more of them. This book serves as a valuable compendium in delivering the hard science demanded but often overlooked by mainstream medicine in controversial treatment arenas. It should be incorporated into what I anticipate will be further debate and demands regarding the use of HBOT for (currently) unindicated neurological disorders. Dr. Harch and his colleagues should be applauded and admired for their efforts in expanding our understanding of the ever-changing landscapes in neuroscience. This book will change lives, lives that haven’t been born yet.”

–Rick Rader, M.D., President of the American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry

“Dr. Harch is a tireless researcher, brilliant clinician, and true pioneer in hyperbaric oxygen therapy. In this book, he offers compelling reasons for the widespread adoption and utilization of this remarkable, yet overlooked therapy.”

–Julian Whitaker, M.D., founder of Whitaker Wellness Institute and editor of Health & Healing newsletter

“Hyperbaric oxygen has been the Cinderella of modern medicine for several decades given that oxygen is not a patentable drug. Finally, thanks to the pioneering efforts of Dr. Harch, the man-on-the-street is becoming aware of this non-invasive therapy.”

–Kenneth P. Stoller, M.D., FAAP, President of the International Hyperbaric Medical Association

“One of the most important and insightful medical books in 40 years. If you or your loved one have a neurological condition, you cannot afford to be without this book; it has the potential to restore your lost life.”

–Vance Trimble, Pulitzer Prize winner and author of The Uncertain Miracle

“An authoritative, well-written book on a subject we all need to know more about. Highly recommended for physicians and health care consumers alike.”

–Nathaniel Altman, author of The Oxygen Prescription

“The Oxygen Revolution is a fascinating book written by one of the great pioneers in the field of hyperbaric medicine. Dr. Harch shares his incredible knowledge and experience in a compelling book that is both comprehensive and accessible to the lay person. It opens tremendous horizons in the treatment of numerous conditions and will give true hope to millions of people with chronic diseases.”

–Pierre Marois, M.D., F.R.C.P., Ste-Justine University Hospital

“Dr. Edward Teller, Nobel Prize winning physicist and Father of the hydrogen bomb and a friend and patient of mine the last ten years of his life once said to me: ‘Hyperbaric oxygen is just too simple for most doctors to understand; they have forgotten their basic gas laws of physics.’

In this book, Dr. Harch has explained this treatment so simply and fundamentally that anyone, even most doctors can grasp the concept.

I consider Dr. Harch one of my co-workers and believe that this book is a brilliant, enjoyably readable, yet in-depth explanation of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT).

I am very proud of his work and trust him to continue to further my most fervent dream, the acceptance of HBOT in brain injuries and the healing processes of the human organism at an intra-cellular level.

The concepts in this book should be taught in every medical school and hospital and known in every household.”

–R. A. Neubauer, M.D., founder of the Ocean Hyperbaric Neurologic Center

“One must be a courageous enthusiast to espouse an innovative therapy! Such a person is Paul Harch, M.D., dogged in his determination to prove that hyperbaric oxygen in appropriate dosage is valuable as a therapeutic intervention for many neurological disorders.

It is surprising that this is an argued point when it is common knowledge that oxygen in the air is as necessary as water! Of issue is whether oxygen under greater than atmospheric pressure can maintain diseased tissue and accelerate healing in wounds caused by blood vessel problems, multiple sclerosis, viruses, birth injuries, strokes, and dementia. By today’s standards, use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) to treat some of these is experimental, but because they have never been subjected to randomized prospective trials their benefit can not be known for certain. However, in the past, penicillin was never subjected to a prospective trial nor was the use of digitalis! Furthermore, who would have thought that botulinum toxin, one of the world’s most potent toxins, would become a valuable therapeutic intervention? Consequently, I have an open mind regarding HBOT while advocating prospective randomized trials to prove its indications or lack thereof.

Dr. Harch has produced a lucidly written, interesting, and thought-provoking book that I recommend not only for those with disease of the nervous system, but for others who want to be informed regarding hyperbaric oxygen therapy.”

–James F. Toole, M.D., Teagle Professor of Neurology and Professor of Public Health Sciences, Wake Forest University School of Medicine

“Finally, a reader-friendly description of the miracle effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy used to treat a yet-to-be-determined myriad of medical conditions! This chronicle, written by the most brilliant true scientist in the hyperbarics field, reveals the medical science behind this simple, noninvasive, life-altering treatment. Through this book, The Oxygen Revolution, Dr. Paul Harch has successfully revealed the exciting potential of this underused healing phenomenon. A must read for anyone wanting information about hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

This book will single-handedly bring hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) into the limelight it deserves and will serve as a tool for parents of children with cerebral palsy, other brain injuries and autism to fight to get HBOT covered by Medicaid and insurance companies. No longer will parents have to second mortgage their homes, treat their children at the bottom of a swimming pool or travel hundreds of miles to access HBOT.”

–Julie Gordon, Director of MUMS National Parent to Parent Network

“This excellent book is truly about a revolution, a recognition of the need to shift the emphasis in medicine away from the false hope that drugs will remedy when tissues lack oxygen. Most diseases and injuries reduce oxygen delivery to tissues, but oxygen has been downgraded to the status of a supplement and there is no understanding of the importance of pressure in determining its dosage. Now that biological science has defined the key role of oxygen in the regulation of our genes, a new era beckons in which oxygen will be given its rightful place as a cornerstone of treatment by physicians and surgeons. The Oxygen Revolution deserves to be widely read because it will open minds.”

–Philip B. James, Professor of Hyperbaric Medicine, University of Dundee, Scotland

Our health care system fails because the head of the system–physicians–not only ignore but exclude the most *medically necessary* substance there is–Oxygen. The systemic hypoxia that results creates unmoving, unfeeling, uncaring paralysis throughout the rest of a system that costs hundreds of billions of dollars every year but buys nothing but dissatisfaction, distrust, and more dis-ease. In *The Oxygen Revolution*, Paul Harch, MD, brilliantly explains fundamental biology and how the simple utilization of pressurized oxygen produces a far simpler, far more cost-effective approach to health care. If embraced as Harch teaches, instead of disease management we’ll experience disease elimination.

–David Freels,,